Know The Lord

This session was taught at the Christ Church Manchester School of Theology on Saturday 17th March 2018. The CCM School of Theology was set up to serve local churches in Manchester and beyond.

Topic: Bible Overview – Exodus

In this session, we look at the book of Exodus.

Speaker: Mike Tindall

In this session Mike gives an overview of the book of Exodus.



Exodus – Know the Lord

‘Exodus is essentially a book about knowing God through personal experience. The plot centres on the relationship that develops between the LORD God and the Israelites, from the dramatic meeting with Moses at the burning bush (3:1-4:17) to the glory of the LORD filling the tabernacle (40:34-38). Throughout Exodus God always takes the initiative revealing himself not only through words, but also through signs and wonders. In differing ways he reveals his most significant attributes: his sovereign majesty; his holiness; his power to perform signs and wonders; his awesome glory; his righteousness; his compassion.’ 

(T.D. Alexander, From Paradise to Promised Land, p.157)

Structure of Exodus

Chapters 1-19

The book will answer Pharaoh’s question ‘Who is the LORD?’ (5:2)

Chapters 1-4 Egypt, Israelites, Moses, and Yahweh.

Chapters 5-12 Confrontation with Pharaoh; the ten ‘signs’.

Chapters 13-19 Exodus from Egypt and journey to Mount Sinai.

Chapters 20-40

God establishes a special relationship with the Israelites.

The making of a covenant sets out the conditions under which the Israelites must live in order to enjoy an ongoing relationship with God:

Chapter 20:3-17 The Decalogue (the ten single ‘words’ or commandments).

Chapters 20:22-23:33 Book of the covenant (model laws).

Chapter 24 The covenant confirmed/ratified.

Chapter 25-40 The construction of the Tabernacle dominates these chapters (with narrative material woven in; golden calf episode in 32-33). Following the construction of the Tabernacle, the LORD takes up residence in the midst of his people (40:34-38).

Knowing God

Chapters 1-2 

  1. Unyielding Slavery
  2. Unchanging Sovereign
  3. Unlikely Saviour

Chapter 3

  1. God is Totally Transcendent
  • His Majesty
  • His Holiness
  • His Name: ‘Yahweh’

2. God is Intimately Immanent

  • His Concern
  • His Closeness
  • His Love



Recommended Resources/Appendix

Commentaries on Exodus

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Alec Motyer, Bible Speaks Today (IVP, 2005)

John Sailhamer, The Pentateuch as Narrative (Zondervan, 2013)

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Biblical Theology

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Stephen Dempster, Dominion and Dynasty (IVP, 2003)

Jeffrey Niehaus, God at Sinai (Zondervan, 1995)



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