April 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has created unique challenges for all of us.

People we care about are becoming sick. Health and social care staff are working under immense pressure. Many people are losing their jobs. We are all learning to live under lockdown. This is not an easy time for anybody.

As the coronavirus reaches the developing world though, there is a significant danger that it will have horrific consequences for some of the poorest and most vulnerable people on the planet.  

CCM is part of a movement of churches called Catalyst where we partner with churches in many parts of the world, and we are hearing stories from our friends in other nations about the devastating impact of the virus on their communities.

Here is one example of a message sent by our friend Sam, who leads a network of churches in Nigeria:

“It is really difficult situation here in Lagos with extension of lockdown to another 14 days… I am afraid many family will starve to death. Last week a single mother with three kids called for help saying for some days they have not ate anything. On Monday the leader of our church in Ikorodu called and crying that our people are starving to death. I am running out of food stuff and money to support people. Please, we need help now.”

This is an emergency situation. In nations like Nigeria, Uganda and Pakistan, whole communities are beginning to go hungry and are in desperate need of emergency food and medical supplies. Catalyst have launched a fund called the Catalyst COVID-19 Crisis Fund, and have asked churches to give to fund life-saving work by local churches embedded in these communities.

CCM have decided to bring forward our summer GIVE BIG SUNDAYS and that all the money will be given to this cause. This is a moment to give whatever you are able. I realise that for many this season presents significant financial challenges, but please do give what you can. Now is the time to stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters around the globe.

The Give Big Sundays will be on Sundays 3rd and 10th May. You can give by bank transfer to the CCM account (Sort Code 40-52-40, Account Number 00018400) and please label the gift ‘Give Big’.

Thank you for your continued generosity that you show as a church. It is my prayer that once again we can serve in this way and make a huge difference where it is needed most.

Yours In Christ,

Colin Baron