Jesus in My Praying

Sermon from CCM:Gorton


This sermon was preached by Graham Harrop at the CCM Gorton site of Christ Church Manchester on Sunday 10th March 2019.


Jesus in My Praying

  • It is important that we always seek opportunities to pray for one another and to seek God our father with our prayers.
  • Prayer time is an essential part of the Christian walk and an essential part of our routine, in helping us to build a better relationship with God.
  • When we are intentional with our prayers we can expect big things to happen and for God to move in our lives. 
  • Finding quiet time alone and away from distractions is a good way to talk to God.
  • Praying out loud with others so others can connect and share with your thoughts and emotions about things is really important.
  • Offering to pray for friends, family, strangers is a really great way of reaching out to God and encouraging others to seek him first.
  • We can look to scripture for inspiration if we are feeling swamped by things around us to help us pray. Meditation is a really good way of focusing attention on God and glorifying him, enabling ourselves to take time out of our day to devote to God only. 


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