Jesus in My Waiting

Sermon from CCM:Gorton


This sermon was preached by Timothy McMaster at the CCM Gorton site of Christ Church Manchester on Sunday 20th January 2019.


Jesus in My Waiting

  • It is important to recognise how we are feeling when we are waiting for something. Particularly when we are worried, scared or anxious. This way of thinking is arrogant in the ways of the Lord because it shows that we lack trust in him to have control over our lives.
  • It is hard to hand over control, especially when we are waiting for something or a decision to be made. Do we want to assert control in our lives instead of letting Jesus take the wheel?
  • Waiting often is a reminder that we do not have complete control over our lives and the outcomes of the decisions that we make. This is why it is important that we let this humble us to kneel before God and not let lack of control or knowledge of the future frustrate us.
  • Once we realise that we cannot change the outcomes of things in our lives and accept that there will be seasons of waiting, we will be more at peace with God.

How God works things for good for those that love him

  • In Matthew 7 he says “ask and you shall receive”. This means that God is waiting for us to ask for his help and is ready to provide a way out of our circumstances and give answers to us when we do not understand why we are waiting.
  • God hears our prayers and we know that in Romans 8 “we know that all things God works for the good of those who love him” which means that we will receive only when God says it is for our good. When we do not receive that is also for our good as this is what God has decided for us.
  • We must learn to have patience and trust God. He does not deliberately hold back on answering our prayers as he loves and cares for us. Even when we pray for healing and it does not happen we must see that God is doing this for good and that our waiting isn’t pointless. We have not disappointed God if our prayers are not answered in the way we envision they will be answered.

Fruit of Spirit

  • Waiting is an opportunity to turn away from what we are doing and focus our minds on God. 
  • Fruit of the spirit is what dwells within us whilst we are alive and this is what strengthens and renews us when we need to wait. It is a spirit of peace, patience, love and self control. 
  • The spirit of peace can help us overcome the anxiety and frustration that comes with worry. We know that we can lean on God and draw near to the spirit to help give us peace during these moments and release us from these burdens. 
  • Waiting means relying on God to fulfil his promises to us and gives us the opportunity to respond peacefully through calling upon the holy spirit.
  • We can put more effort into receiving what God wants for our lives if we allow the holy spirit to work with us and this will enable us to grow a stronger relationship with God. 
  • We should surrender our impatience to the Lord and be faithful by giving up on trying to force our own paths and listen to what God asks of us. It is important to follow God’s orders for our lives and allow the holy spirit to direct us. 
  • God will make all things perfect in its time, we need to allow God to change and grow us and part of this is learning how to wait. 
  • Putting aside our human desires is important and we should resist the temptation to turn away from God by acting against God in what we do. We have to remember to sacrifice our needs and give God the power to enact his will upon us. 
  • We can learn more about God’s nature in our faithfulness to him as we learn about our inheritance and who we are in Christ. 



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