2023/24 Program

How to Interpret the Bible

(October 7th 2023)

In this session, we will think about what we mean by ‘the authority of Scripture’ and consider how we are to approach the Bible and what tools can help us apply God’s word to our lives.

Speaker: Liam Thatcher (Bible Society & Oxford Community Church)


SoT Extra: Men, Women & God’s Image

(November 4th 2023)

In this special session we dig into what it means for men and women to be made in God’s image and how we can relate to each other well. The debate around gender and church leadership will be explored, but the focus of the session will be much wider than just that.

Speaker: Tom O’Toole (Manchester School of Theology)

The Pentateuch // The Person of Christ

(November 25th 2023)

The first session unpacks the first five books of the Old Testament and explores what God’s law means for us today. In the second session we dive into what it means for Jesus to be both truly God and truly human.

Speaker: Laura Gallacher (Prisca and St Aldates Church, Oxford)


Bible Overview

(December 16th 2023)

We spend a morning looking at the whole story of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation, exploring how the key themes find their place in the narrative, and seeing how each part of the story makes sense in the context of the whole.

Speaker: Neil Hudson (Salford Elim Church and Regents Theological College)


Old Testament Narrative // The Kingdom of God

(January 20th 2024)

In the first part of this session we look at the story of Israel from Joshua to the exile, as well as thinking through how we read these stories today. In the second part of the session we explore the theme of the Kingdom of God.

Speaker: Andy McCullough (Unreached Network and Reading Family Church)


SoT Extra: Race and Story of God

(February 10th 2024)

In this special session we look at what the Bible has to teach about race and racism, and what it looks like to live out this Biblical vision in our current cultural moment. 

Speaker: Owen Hylton (Beacon Church Brixton and The Reconciled Church)

Wisdom Literature // Trinity

(March 16th 2024)

The first part of this session helps us engage with the big questions posed in the wisdom books of the Bible. This is followed by a session exploring what it means for God to be Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Speakers: Samuel Hildebrandt (Nazarene Theological College) and Tom O’Toole (Manchester School of Theology)


SoT Extra: Mental Health

(April 27th 2024)

In this special session we looks at what the Bible has to teach about our mental health and how we can support one another in this area as we grow as disciples of Jesus.

Speaker: Linda Alcock (The Globe Church London)


Psalms & The Offices of Christ

(May 18th 2024)

In this session we start with a dive into the Psalms, learning to worship from the songbook of Israel. We then look at how Jesus fulfils the role of prophet, priest and king.

Speakers: Josh Bloor (Kings Church Manchester) and Tom O’Toole (Manchester School of Theology)


The Prophets & The Holy Spirit

(June 15th 2024)

This session finished off our Old Testament year by looking at how God speaks through the prophetic books. In the second part of the session we focus on the person and work of the Holy Spirit.

Speaker: Damilola Makinde (Kings Cross Church and the Evangelical Alliance)