What It Is

A few years ago, CCM started a School of Theology where we would gather people for one Saturday morning per month and help them grow deeper in their understanding of theological topics and the Biblical story.

Our goal was for it to be accessible. We wanted to make sure it would fit alongside the busy lives that many people lead, and we wanted it to serve not just ‘theology types’, but Christians with a whole range of backgrounds, personalities and interests.

Each month we bring in a different top-notch speaker, drawing on specialists from across the country, who spend half of the morning going in depth on a section of the Bible (we cover the entire Bible over the course of two years) and the other half of the morning exploring what the whole Bible says about a particular theology topic.

Since we started the School of Theology in 2018, around 200 people from 25 local churches have completed the program, and other schools of theology have started around the country using this model as a template.

Each session will start at 9am and will run until 12:30pm. 


“Originally, I felt that I wasn’t one of those brainy people who thrived on, what I figured, to be intense idle chat about the Bible. I was asked to go to School of Theology to support a friend and I was prepared to spend the whole time asleep or binging on the free pastries. I ended up staying for the entire course and found that it helped me understand God more, and I’ve gained more confidence and knowing Him better as my loving father. If you’re absolutely sure it’s not a course for your personality, I strongly urge you to try it out!”
Ian Watson

School of Theology participant

2022/23 SCHEDULE

September 24th 2022 - What Is God Doing In the World?

Synoptic Gospels & Kingdom of God

with Liam Thatcher

October 15th 2022 - The Relationship at the Heart of the Universe

John’s Gospel & The Trinity

with Tom O’Toole

November 12th 2022 - God's Power In Us

Acts 1-8 & The Holy Spirit

with Rebecca Whittlesea

December 3rd 2022 - It's All About Jesus

Paul’s Journeys and Letters & Doctrine of Christ

with Dave Emmett

January 14th 2023 - Know the Gospel; Preach the Gospel

Romans & Salvation

with Andrew Bunt

February 11th 2023 - You Can Change

Corinthians & Sanctification

with Tom O’Toole

April 1st 2023 - God's Glory on Display

Ephesians & The Church

with Neil Hudson

April 22nd 2023 - Living With Spiritual Power

Hebrews to Jude & Prayer

with John Owen and Lizzie Bassford

May 20th 2023 - Bringing the Story Up to Date

Church History

with Andy Brownlee

June 24th 2023 - God Wins

Revelation & Eschatology

with Phil Moore

Luther King House

All sessions will take place in-person, and will be at Luther King House, Manchester, M14 5JP.

Parking is available at the venue.


This theology training course is fully paid for by Christ Church Manchester and therefore is free to applicants. The sessions each build on each other and so the course works best if you can commit to being at as many of the sessions as you are able to. 

“Here at School of Theology we want to equip people to understand God’s word more, be inspired by it and have lots of fun in the process. We believe studying theology is fun and accessible and we want everyone to have the privilege of delving deep in study of the Bible.”

Tom O'Toole

School of Theology Course Leader