The Doctrine of Sin

Understanding Our Biggest Problem

This session was taught at the Christ Church Manchester School of Theology on Saturday 21st April 2018. The CCM School of Theology was set up to serve local churches in Manchester and beyond.

Topic: The Doctrine of Sin

In this session, we look at the the Doctrine of Sin.

Speaker: Matt Fell

Matt is the director of Relational Mission’s year team programme. In this session he helps us answer questions on the Doctrine of Sin.



The Doctrine of Sin

Understanding Our Biggest Problem


Etymology of the Word ‘Sin’

Hebrew – khata

Greek – hamartia

Other words used in association with this concept;

  • Iniquity
  • Transgression
  • Lawlessness

These additional words all express the outworking of ‘missing the mark’.

Questions to Consider Whilst Listening to This Talk

  • What is your understanding of the word ‘sin’?
  • How does culture understand sin?
  • What questions do you have about sin?
  • Can God sin?
  • Can God create sin?
  • We know humans can sin – what is it about humans that means we can sin?
  • If sinning means ‘missing the mark’ what does this tell us about human sin?
  • What are the consequences of sin?
  • How does God feel about sin?
  • How does the Bible describe sin’s effect upon us?
  • Does the Law help us overcome sin?
  • What must be done to deal with sin?


Doctrine of Sin


Henry Blochers Original Sin; Iluminating the Riddle is probably the best modern evangelical work on the doctrine of sin.

Michael Allen Sanctification (New Studies in Dogmatics series) is an excellent thrological look at the subject of holiness and how God brings us from sin to sanctification.


A helpful video from the Bible Project Team

Professor Simeon Zahl lecture ‘hiding in plain sight; the lost doctrine of sin’ is a helpful theological and philosophical consideration of how the doctrine of sin haunts modern culture.




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