The Resurrection Through Peter's Eyes

Sermon from CCM Gorton


 This sermon was preached by Tom O’Toole at the CCM Gorton site of Christ Church Manchester on Sunday 17th April 2022.


Peter’s Denial

  • The night before Jesus died, despite confidently saying that he would not, Peter denied knowing Jesus three times. 
  • After the third time, Jesus looked at Peter. 
  • This led to Peter breaking down in tears. 
  • This was the last moment Peter and Jesus had before Jesus dies. Peter was not present at the crucifixion.

Peter and the Empty Tomb

  • When the women returned from the tomb with a story to tell, most of the disciples did not believe them. 
  • Peter, however, ran to the tomb to see for himself. Despite his brokenness and denial, Peter still has hope. 
  • When Peter saw the empty tomb and the folded grave clothes for himself, he went home marvelling. 

Peter and the Risen Jesus

  • At some point after this, Jesus appeared to Peter on his own. We are not given any details about this meeting – it was for Peter’s benefit not for ours. 
  • After then appearing to other disciples, Jesus restored Peter – recreating a scene by a fire and giving him three opportunities to assert his love for Christ as a do-over for the three denials. 



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