What It Is


Walking the Spirit Filled Life.

School of Discipleship is all about becoming followers of Jesus in every part of our lives. We want to help each other grow deep roots in faith, boldness in trust and depth of maturity as disciples.

Each month includes a time of worship, some teaching from experienced and gifted practitioners from around the country, and ‘go groups’ where you will have time to step out and try the things you have learned.

We have found that this course is a great first step for those just getting started, and also has plenty to offer for people who those who are further along their journey.

2023/24 SCHEDULE

September 30th 2023 - A Devoted Life

In a busy and demanding world, how do we build spirit filled devotion into busy lives?

with Vicki Simmonds

November 1th 2023 - A Formed Life

In a world full of influencers, what or who do you allow to shape and form you?

with Tim Suffield

December 2nd 2023 - A Powered Life

How do we receive the Holy Spirit to be changed forever?

with Duncan Bell

February 3rd 2024 - A Resilient Life

How do we lean on God when disaster strikes or life gets difficult?

with Andy & Victoria Armstrong

March 23rd 2024 - A Free Life

How do we live in freedom as sons and daughters of God?

with Maggie Williams

April 20th 2024 - A Listening Life

Hearing God for ourselves and for other people.

with Phil Cox

May 11th 2024 - A Healing Life

God heals today. How do we pray for and trust God for healing?

with Liam Thatcher

June 8th 2024 - A Commissioned Life

It’s now time to have a go…

with Angela Kemm


This discipleship training course is fully paid for by Christ Church Manchester and therefore is free to applicants. The sessions each build on each other and so the course works best if you can commit to being at as many of the sessions as you are able to.

My passion is to see people move in the gifts of the spirit and be part of a church that sees God working in power both within the church community and beyond.

Vicki Simmonds

School of Discipleship Course Leader

Luther King House

All sessions will take place in-person, and will be at Luther King House, Brighton Grove, Fallowfield, M14 5JP.

Free parking is available on site.