CCM is a multi-site church in Manchester. We love raising up new leaders and empowering people. There are a number of teams that have responsibility for different areas of church life.

Site Leaders

Most of the ‘on-the-ground’ leadership that you will encounter at CCM will come through your site leader and their teams. These teams are the front line of taking care of the people in their sites, organising events and services, reaching out into the local community and helping grow disciples of Jesus.

Lizzie & Tom Bassford

CCM Gorton

Rosie & Conor Crooks

CCM Fallowfield (PM)

Hannah & Mike Knight

CCM Ladybarn

Andy & Elisabeth Brownlee

CCM Heatons

James & Kiri Adams

CCM Reddish

Zoe & Andy Cooley

CCM Denton

Rosie Crooks

Iglesia de Cristo

Strategy Team

The site leaders are supported by a strategy team that is responsible for guiding and implementing the CCM vision in ways that extend beyond the particular sites. This team also considers the opportunities and ministries that we have outside of CCM.

Colin Baron

Lizzie Bassford

Andy Brownlee

Rosie Crooks

Hannah Knight

Tom O’Toole

Tim Simmonds


The CCM elders have oversight of the church in spiritual and doctrinal matters. In practice, this is worked out in a ‘light touch’ way, meeting a few times a year with a focus on guarding the doctrine, guarding the unity, guarding the people and guarding the holiness of the church.

Andy Armstrong

Colin Baron

Andy Brownlee

Josh Di Fabio

Tom O’Toole

Tim Simmonds


The CCM trustees are responsible for the legal and financial oversight of CCM. They run the charity, approve the budget, and make sure all of the policies and procedures needed to make an organisation like CCM run are working as they should. 

Jo Balmforth

Eleisha Barrow

Ayo Campbell

Adrian Phillips

Chair of Trustees

Jamie Semple


Luke Vintner

Michelle Wilson

Staff Team

The CCM staff team is made up of people employed by the church (part- or full- time) to allow them to focus their time into a particular area of church life. 

Dayna Akindele


Colin Baron

New Sites & Wider Church

Lizzie Bassford

Gorton & Safeguarding

Andy Brownlee

Heatons & Deputy Leader

Hannah Buckley

Reddish & Youth

Paul Graves


Kim Hardiker


Hannah Knight

Ladybarn & Evangelism

Tom O’Toole

Teaching & Training

Tim Simmonds

Senior Pastor

Ian Watson

Communication & Design