Shoebox Dinners for Freshers

Blog by Tim Simmonds

Hello Freshers!


Christ Church Manchester has been meeting in Fallowfield for 9 years!

One of the best things about being a church in Fallowfield is that every September we get a rush of students moving to Fallowfield and a few of them end up at Christ Church Manchester. Many of these freshers have joined us, become our friends and some of them have graduated, got jobs and stayed in Manchester (win).

Over the years we have noticed a few themes with the freshers we’ve met.

1. Lots of them can’t cook.
2. Washing up is something other people do (so no-one does it)
3. Pizza boxes are valid building materials
4. Vegetables only exist in Narnia
5. Loneliness is more common than you’d think

We think we have an idea that can help with points 1 and 5 (2-4 we fully endorse. Vegetables are what fawns eat).

Feeding the Freshers of Manchester (some of them)

This September if you’re a fresher and you come to Christ Church Manchester we will give you a shoebox with all the ingredients you need to make Spaghetti Bolognese for 6 people. We will also put instructions in the shoebox that explain how on earth you make Spaghetti Bolognese (nothing to do with fawns apparently).

Instead of putting a pack of meat in the shoebox we will put a voucher in the shoebox so you can buy meat or a veggie substitute.

All you have to do is turn up for church and then we will hand you a shoebox (maybe a reusable coffee cup as well but that’s for a whole other blog post).

When you’ve got your shoebox, take it back to your halls and then cook for your flat mates. If you’re an instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat user then take photos and use #ccmshoeboxdinner we’d love to see how your dinner works out.

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If you’re a student coming to Manchester, please get in touch with us. We would love to help you settle in, find some friends and plug into church (we will also feed you – winner).

We meet in Fallowfield (Luther King House, Brighton Grove, M14 5JP) at 10:30am and 6pm every Sunday.

Tim Simmonds

Tim Simmonds

CCM Deputy Leader & Site Leader - CCM:Kingsway

Tim is the deputy leader of Christ Church Manchester, and he also heads up the CCM:Kingsway site of the church, meeting in Burnage every Sunday at 10.30am.